Onyx Overview

Equipped with an arsenal of powerful utilities, Onyx is made to be a competitor to traditional screeners with a heavier focus on the trading and multi-chain aspect.

The Problem

There are multiple problems the common trader faces when utilizing traditional screeners on the market.

  • Lack of trading tools - Traditional screeners currently do not offer any tool with the capacity to capitalize quickly on New Pairs deployments.

  • Lack of simultaneous monitoring - Traditional screeners do not offer any tools to seamlessly and simultaneously monitor deployments across multiple chains at once; in order to monitor multiple chains concurrently, the end-user needs to open multiple windows at once, which greatly affects the speed in which the end-user can properly capitalize on the information presented in live deployments.

  • Lack of any type of platform sharing - The success of traditional screeners is entirely reliant upon the amount of people that use their product; through ad revenue and promotional products, popular screeners likely bring in quite a bit of revenue. With the success being reliant upon the users, there should incentives for the user to continue using their platform.

  • Lack of trader-based statistics - Traditional screeners often display only basic information for their New Pairs listing row which cuts into decision-making time from the end-user as they need to research the more relevant statistics (taxes, LP, locks, etc).

The Solution

  • Offer buy buttons directly paired with the New Pair so that the end-user can purchase directly from the Onyx platform as the pair appears. The end-user also creates wallets for each chain on the Onyx dApp, stored and encrypted with industry-grade protection, so that transaction confirmations and approvals are bypassed, allowing for quicker purchasing.

  • 4 panels are within the dApp's New Pairs page, each fully customizable and each offering the end-user the ability to choose between a multitude of chains. That means it's possible to be watching 4 chains New Pairs all at once with the ability to instantly purchase at the same time. No more missed opportunities due to attention being elsewhere on a different chain.

  • A multi-faceted revenue splitting program where the community can benefit from the success that they help create! This is only further assisted by the special points system that Onyx offers.

  • Customizable statistics for their New Pairs. The end-user can choose from an array of filters and statistics to be displayed within their New Pairs panel, fully customizable across all 4 panels (4 chains at once!).

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